Election Statement

The pandemic demonstrated LSBC’s need to improve digitization and technology. I will mandate more technology at LSBC to streamline applications, processing, and decisions on discipline and professional conduct.

LSBC’s mandate includes bringing a voice to issues affecting justice and delivery of legal services. I will introduce initiatives to help lawyers facing financial difficulty by creating a fund to assist with staffing, technology, and overhead for a set period. This will allow lawyers to deliver services to more people, without being limited by financial barriers.

The regulatory framework in place disproportionately affects small and solo practitioners. These lawyers are underrepresented at the Bencher table. The trust accounting rules must be simplified to make them easier to understand and reflect the increasingly digital way that we conduct business.

Systemic discrimination continues to be an issue that affects the legal profession. As Bencher, I will advocate for changes to the Code that would require any Discipline and Credentials Committee members to receive cultural sensitivity training, and ensure the Code reflects the need to consider systemic discrimination when determining a fit sanction.

With this in mind, I will also work with LSBC to create more alternative measures for lawyers facing first-time or unique discipline issues.

I will advocate for the LSBC Directory to allow lawyers to indicate their preferred pronouns. Similarly, I will advocate to allow lawyers from diverse communities to use alternative characters in order to list their traditional names, with pronunciation guides.

I will work with LSBC to create more fee categories, recognizing the different types of risk that practice areas present and that high fees serve as barriers to entering and remaining in the profession.

Online marketing continues to be under-regulated, with confusing and vague regulations. Change is necessary to clarify the appropriate standards for lawyers in online activities.